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Don’t take unnecessary risks when sourcing your on-demand workforce

18-02-2021    By  Mark Williams, Managing Principal, First Contact  

Appointing the wrong workplace operations provider could cost you a $500,000 fine.  How to do some simple due diligence. 


Securing well-trained and highly experienced workplace operations people from a specialist provider is an excellent way to create that positive first impression.  But, select the wrong service provider and it could cost you a fine more than half a million dollars.

How to identify and benchmark your fixed costs of occupancy and why it matters

18-02-2021    By  Mark Williams, Managing Principal, First Contact  



As revenues come under pressure from external shocks, such as COVID - 19, it’s important that organisations closely look at how fixed costs impact their cashflow. 

Identifying and quantifying the components of your fixed occupancy cost enables you to focus and prioritise your